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Amazon wants multiple speech assistants on each device

Amazon wants to use the Voice Interoperability Initiative to ensure that people can reach multiple smart assistants through their devices, but Google and Apple are not participating.

Amazon has announced the Voice Interoperability Initiative, to ensure that devices will contain multiple smart speech assistants. The user reaches the right assistant by saying the right start word.

“Although people would like to see the headline that one speech assistant wins, we disagree,” says Dave Limp of Amazon opposite The Verge. “This isn’t a sporting event”

No Google and Apple

In total, more than thirty companies have joined the initiative, including Microsoft, Spotify, and Sonos. As a result, it will be possible in the future to reach both Alexa from Amazon and Cortana from Microsoft on the same device.

Apple and Google have not joined the initiative. That does not mean that Siri and the Google Assistant do not want to share space. For example, both Alexa and the Google Assistant can be reached through the Sonos speakers. Siri remains exclusive to Apple devices for the time being.

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