Getsuyodev, Programming is mainly used when constructing an application. Programming requires knowledge of application domains, algorithms, and programming language expertise. Programming can be developed in different logic based on developer knowledge.

An introduction to C Sharp

C Sharp is an Object-Oriented Language, introduced in the .NET Framework. C# is a professional programming language and is very similar to C++ in many ways. We can implement Object Oriented concepts like encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism in C# programming development.

C# is a Simple, Powerful, general-purpose and Type-Safe language also Case Sensitive. We can develop C# projects in Visual Studio Environment, a robust tool-rich programming environment from Microsoft. We can create console-based applications as well as windows based applications from the C# environment. C# Coding style is very similar to C++ and JAVA, so the developers who are familiar with those languages can pick up C# coding quickly.

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