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Disney CEO: “Under Steve Jobs, Apple had taken over Disney”

Disney CEO Bob Iger thinks that if Apple founder Steve Jobs had lived, Apple and Disney would have merged.

Iger writes that in his autobiography, reports Vanity Fair, that has published a passage. “I believe that if Steve would have lived, we would have combined our companies, whether the possibility would have been discussed at least seriously “,
Iger writes.

Analysts have been discussing the possibility of a Disney acquisition by Apple for years. The companies have been friends for years, but has since become too large to merge without impediment from the government. Apple has a market value of more than 1 trillion dollars, Disney is worth over 300 billion dollars. An acquisition from Disney would be the largest acquisition in history.

Iger away from Apple

The Disney CEO stepped out of Apple’s board of directors last week with mutual friendliness. Now that both Disney and Apple are both starting a video streaming service, the companies are probably too much in each other’s way. “I have a lot of respect for Tim Cook, his team at Apple and my fellow board members “, said Iger after leaving the council.


The friendship of Iger and Jobs came from the acquisition of Pixar by Disney. Pixar was founded in 1986 by Steve Jobs, after he was fired at Apple. Pixar was acquired by Disney in 2006, years after Jobs returned to Apple’s helm. Jobs came on the board of Disney, shortly after Jobs’s death in 2011, Iger joined Apple’s board of directors.

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