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Android – Automatic SMS Verification with SMS User Consent

Android finally gets a system-wide function to automatically enter verification codes via SMS.

SMS verification codes are a popular way to confirm your identity or your telephone number. On Android you often had to enter these codes manually. That is going to change, because Google is rolling out an update. This update has been discovered by XDA Developers.

Sometimes Android already fills in these codes automatically, but that doesn’t work with every app. This is because developers must use a specific API, otherwise it won’t work. Not all developers do that.


The new feature is part of Android’s Autofill, or fill in automatically. This is now mainly used for entering passwords.

The new function must first be switched on and can be found in the settings menu of Android. Specific to the Google settings. Since the update is still being rolled out, It may take a while for the new function to be found there.

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