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Electric vehicle Canoo will be on the road from 2021

The American startup Canoo has unveiled its first vehicle: an electric vehicle that also bears the Canoo name.

The Canoo must become an affordable electric car with a lot of space. The vehicle can only be rented via a lease contract for which the monthly rates have not yet been announced. Nothing has been said about a final lease in the Netherlands: in 2021 the Canoo will first be offered in eight American cities.

The vehicle has room for seven people, including a semicircle back seat. The seats in the front are attached to each other so that you actually have one large couch.

The dashboard is very minimal, with only a steering wheel and a small touch screen with information. The handlebar is not directly connected to the wheels but sends an electronic signal to move.

Partly autonomous

There are twelve sensors and seven cameras in the Canoo that keep a close eye on the road, allowing the vehicle to drive partly autonomously. However, the vehicle is not yet completely self-driving.

The car warns in certain dangerous situations but also monitors the driver with cameras. If the car sees that you have looked over your shoulder, you will not be warned about what is happening there at the moment.

According to Canoo, the vehicle can run more than 400 kilometers on a full battery and is charged more than 80 present within half an hour.

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