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Google Stadia is also coming to Android TV

Google’s game streaming service Stadia may also become available for Android TV.

In a leaked presentation in the hands of XDA Developers, there are a few planned features of Android TV 11, which should be available in 2020. The list includes integration with Google Stages.

Stages let users play games without the need for a powerful console or PC. The game runs on a computer in a Google data center, the screen of which is streamed to the user.

Multiple devices

Google already showed Stadia on a number of devices, including a Chromebook, Chromecast and Android devices. Android TV was not yet officially unveiled as a supported platform. TVs from, among others, Sony, Sharp and Philips work with Android TV.

The search giant would also have plans to integrate a number of other Android functions into Android TV, including the option to subtitle everything live. The augmented reality app Google Lens would also be planned for the television platform.

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