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Samsung adds new camera functions to the Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 now supports multiple camera functions that were previously exclusive to Samsung’s other high-end smartphone, the Note 10.

If you install the latest update on the Galaxy S10, you can now use the focus function while shooting videos, blurring the background. The front camera also supports Samsung’s night mode for better-exposed selfies.

In the camera app on the Galaxy S10, it is now possible to draw in the camera image in augmented reality. According to Samsung, when using the timelapse function, the image is now better stabilized.

DeX for PC

The DeX functionality of the S10 has also been expanded, allowing you to use it with a Windows computer. By connecting the phone via USB, you can use a special desktop environment on the PC. Until then you needed a separate device with the S10 to connect DeX to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

The update is being gradually released by Samsung, says SamMobile. So it can take a while until it can be downloaded on all devices. Those who install it also have a series of recent security updates.

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