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Snap talks with Facebook supervisor

Snap, the company behind the Snapchat app, has opened a booklet with the American regulator FTC about the sometimes “aggressive” methods of Facebook.

That writes The Wall Street Journal based on insiders. According to the newspaper, Snap would even have kept a file for years about attempts by the social media giant to suppress the competition.

This file would have the name Project Voldemort. This refers to a character from the Harry Potter book, which is also known as He who may not be mentioned.


Snap would, among other things, suspect Facebook that it discourages users from mentioning Snap on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. The company has copied features of Snapchat several times in the past, including the Stories feature that is popular on Instagram.

The FTC, fully Federal Trade Commission, is investigating Facebook’s possible violation of competition rules. For this, the regulator has contacted several parties in the tech world. Other rivals from Facebook would also have talked to the FTC. The parties did not want to respond to the message.

FTC: The Federal Trade Commission is an independent agency of the United States government, established in 1914 by the Federal Trade Commission Act.

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