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Listen to your favorite songs with new Spotify playlists

Spotify adds two new personal playlists, with a focus on songs that you often put on repeat.

Are you someone who can repeat favorite songs endlessly? Then the music service Spotify will meet you with two new personal playlists. Both with a focus on songs that are often on repeat.

It is about the ‘To repeat’ and ‘Just rewind’ playlist. The first playlist contains songs that you have been listening to over the past month. The second playlist is filled with songs that you have often put on repeat in the past, but perhaps not anymore.

Personal playlists

The two new playlists are joining a growing collection of personal playlists. Something with which Spotify distinguishes itself compared to the competition.

That started with Discover Weekly playlist, with songs that you probably like every week. More playlists followed later such as Jouw Summer Rewind or Jouw Tijdcapsule. The new playlists can be found under the ‘Made for you’ heading and are automatically updated by listening to music.

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