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Spotify tests operation via Apple assistant Siri

Spotify can soon be operated via Apple’s speech assistant Siri. The streaming service has begun testing that feature on iOS 13.

Users will soon be able to give the command: “Hey Siri, play ‘song/album/artist/list’ on Spotify”. Then the music starts to play, and the control buttons also immediately appear, reports The Verge. The site could already try a test version of an upcoming Spotify update. The update will probably come to all users in the coming weeks.

In iOS 13, Apple has expanded the capabilities of Siri for app makers. And so it is finally possible for Siri to process detailed requests within other apps. Until now, Siri could only control music via Apple Music.

“On Spotify”

Users must always add ‘on Spotify’ to their command. Siri still serves the Music app by default, and that cannot be changed. Also, the Siri commands on Spotify do not yet work via the Apple Watch, because Spotify has not yet built that into its Apple Watch app. That app also does not yet offer the possibility to store music offline.

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