Getsuyodev, Programming is mainly used when constructing an application. Programming requires knowledge of application domains, algorithms, and programming language expertise. Programming can be developed in different logic based on developer knowledge.

Women are better at programming than men

Code written by women is generally more often approved by fellow programmers than code written by men.

However, this is only true if women hide their gender when submitting the code.

This is apparent from an analysis of 3 million pieces of code submitted on Github, a site where software developers can share code with each other. Github users criticize, revise and improve each other’s code.

The analysis, done by computer science students, shows that code written by women who did not indicate on their profile that they were women was accepted more often than that of men.

Strikingly enough, this was different for women who state that their profile is female: their code was accepted less often than that of men. The researchers found no clear explanation for this.

The vast majority of all software developers are men. A 2013 survey found that only 11.2 percent of all software developers are women. The software development world is also known as a bastion of sexism.

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